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Flightgear Airplane Downloads

I’m hosting a multitude of Airplane Hangars for Flightgear that you can easily use in FGLauncher so you don’t have to manually fiddle with Git Repositories.

These Hangars are updated at least once a day.

The Hangars I’m currently hosting are:

  • http://static.djgummikuh.de/FGMEMBERS/catalog.xml – Random collection of planes managed by FGMEMBERS (around 850 planes)
  • http://static.djgummikuh.de/Aircraft/catalog.xml – High-Quality Planes made and maintained by HerbyW
  • http://static.djgummikuh.de/octal450/catalog.xml – Random high-quality planes made by octal450
  • http://static.djgummikuh.de/OPRF/catalog.xml – Official Planes used by OPRF